The Chippenham Hotel (closed)

article-chiphotelThe Chippenham Hotel is permanently closed. The ground floor is being turned into a Co-Op supermarket. There has been an application to convert the upper floors from a hotel into flats. More details on the Westminster website here:

Background and history

The Chipp has been trading since the 19th century. It changed hands in 1895-6 and at that time was the most expensive pub in London.
It underwent a refurbishment in 1900-1 in which the ornate tiles and mirrors were added, these can still be seen today. Allegedly, these were lost in World War II as during the blitz they were covered up until approx. 1970, when during another refurbishment they were re-discovered and returned to their former glory.

Religion at the Chipp

During the 1950's and 1960's the Chipp was also used as an annex to the local church for the large Irish Diaspora that was moving into neighbouring Kilburn. The local church at Quex road could not accommodate all the churchgoers even with celebrating 17-19 masses each Sunday. And The Chippenham became a satellite worship hall. At the rear of the bar you can see an alcove that the altar was set into, this was during the time of the Latin mass were the priest had his back to the congregation. To the left of the pool table there appears to be a boarded up doorway but in fact there was never a door there, it was the tabernacle. After mass the people would leave and form an orderly queue outside waiting for the priest to leave before re-entering when the then Landlord would open the door to allow the people to partake in some liquid refreshment.

Rock 'n' Roll

During the 1970's the then upstairs bar was used as a punk rock venue were Joe Strummer started his music career with the 101ers before finding fame with The Clash. They were called the 101ers as most of the band lived at 101 Walterton Road that faces The Chipp. Also to play at The Chipp were The Sex Pistols and other punk bands from the London punk scene. Unfortunately the then Landlord didn't find this type of music appealing and evicted them just as it was taking off. They then moved to another hostelry close by. We are still part of the London "Rock'n'Roll" tour.
Upstairs at the Chipp
After this the upstairs bar was converted into a billiards/snooker hall until 1999. In 1999 the upstairs was converted into a backpacker style hostel.
In 2005 the pub was taken over by Mango and Silvana.  They stopped trading in Jan 2014 and the pub and hotel has been taken over by someone else - no further news as yet.


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