Safer Saltram - A Great Result!


Council publish proposed calming scheme.

We were delighted to get a letter from the council informing us of their proposed solution to calm traffic in Saltram Crescent.



Thanks to everyone who stepped up and formed a committee to liaise with the council.

To our Councillors for pushing it through and arranging meetings.

And to the council, for listening to our concerns, thoughts and for meeting with us and working out a solution. Together. Feedback from the committee has been that the council and their consultants have been amazing. Knowledgeable, collaborative and action-orientated.

(updated 25/03/2015)

 The key aspects of the proposed solution are:

* Keeping Saltram Crescent two-way, except at each end;

* Both ends of Saltram Crescent become short one-way stretches:  Bradiston Road juntion to Fernhead Road and Fordingley Road junction to Shirland Road;

* Both of these one-way stretches lead out of Saltram Crescent (i.e. residents can still exit into Fernhead Road and Shirland Road, but the cars from these roads cannot access Saltram Crescent);

* Placing no entry signage and road markings at the entrance to Saltram Crescent at both Fernhead Road and Shirland Road and, as necessary, at the Saltram Crescent junctions with Fordingley Road and Malvern Place; and

* Reducing the width of Saltram Crescent at the junctions with Fernhead Road and Shirland Road, by widening the footway on both sides of the road.

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