Westminster City Plan 2019-2040 Consultation

Westminster City Plan 2019-2040 Consultation

Formal consultation is open until July 31 2019 on Westminster’s draft City Plan 2019-2040.

The City Plan sets the council’s policies in relation to building new homes, estate regeneration, economic development, transport and the environment. As such it’s a really important document for influencing what can be built and where.

Maida Hill is in the ‘North West Economic Development Area,’ which is a priority area for (paraphrased from p43-44):

A. Increased job opportunities, particularly for local residents. This drives a preference for new development which will create jobs, and protecting existing employment floorspace.

B. New residential and mixed-use (mixed business and homes) developments that ‘improve housing quality and help diversify the area’s tenure mix’.

C. A greener and more walkable environment that addresses issues of ‘severance’ (areas being cut off from one another) caused by transport infrastructure, including the railway, canal, Harrow Road and Westway, and making greater use of the canal towpath.

D. Enhancements to the Harrow Rd shopping area to improve the physical environment and diversify the range of shops.

E. The provision of new and improved social and community spaces.

There is also a separate document which sets out what the Council believes will be the the impact of the Plan on different equalities groups.

1. To read the Plan, go to Westminster’s website:

2. The Plan is open for consultation for individuals and community groups until the end of July 2019. The survey to comment is here:

3. Maida Hill Neighbourhood Forum will be submitting a response to the consultation; residents are welcome to get in touch with us to let us know if there is anything that affects you that we should comment on.

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