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The Squirrel (Elgin Ave)

Squirrel pub

This is up for sale again, and there is a local group trying to help improve it and save it.

Councillor Tim Roca is writing an application for it to be made an 'Asset of Community Value' (which gives the community 6 months to try and save it if it's in danger, and shows that the community cares about it). Now we're asking for opinions, and also ideas for improving the pub. Please do email us with your thoughts, info about any community groups that use the pub, and any history you know.

Thanks to Aidan McManus from Flipside London Tours for gathering the following stories from local people:

'At one time a lot of pubs wouldn't serve black or Irish people but this one did. It was a good place for the Irish and West Indians. The Guinness was exceptional and poured in a certain way. I know because I worked there as a Barmaid.. Built on Church land so I think that's why there was no Jukebox installed.'
'The Irish playwriter Brendan Behan drunk in there in the late 50s early 60s'
' I know at one time there was a stained glass window (at the back of the pub) as it was used as a Laying out room for people to visit dead relatives! My dad used this pub in the 50/60's'

And why was it previously called The Skiddaw?
'My third Great uncle, Samuel Richardson licensed victualler & his family lived here in 1871. They originally came from Skiddaw in Cumberland.'

The Chippenham Hotel 207 Shirland Road
No news yet. On 8th Dec 2017 the enforcement case against the poor condition of the building was opened and is still 'pending consideration' ie situation still being investigated.

The Windsor Castle 309 Harrow Road
Following consultation with local Neighbourhood Forum members and Westbourne Councillors, the owners applied for planning permission to keep the existing pub space, and replace the 2 storey back extension with new 4 storey, 34 bed spaces of student accommodation (16/09974/FULL .

Planning Officers felt there was not an identified local need for student accommodation, some of the design was unacceptable, and noise insulation was inadequate for the student accommodation.

The application was refused in January.

It's hoped that the owners will adjust their proposal and re-submit, as locals would love to see the pub brought back into some kind of life, for its exterior to be refurbished and would be happy to see student accommodation brought into the area.

The Hero of Maida (formerly The Truscott Arms) Shirland Road (twitter @TheHeroofMaida)
Is scheduled to re-open late April. It's co-owned by chef-restaurateur Henry Harris, and the Head Chef will be Steve Collins.

Harris's vision: while still being a British gastropub, is very much “modelled on traditional French bistros and seasonal market ingredients.”


Last updated March 2018