Award winning Food Assembly going to Maida Hill Place

The Food Assembly

The 2015 BBC Food and Farm award-winning Food Assembly is going to Maida Hill Place! This innovative idea for bringing small producers and customers together has really taken off in France, where the idea originated

The British organisation started just a year ago and there  are now 16 food assemblies across the UK and Ireland and we are next! We are signing up producers and members now and will open in late summer.

Maida Hill Place logo

Our Assembly will be at Maida Hill Place each Tuesdays between 5.30 - 7pm from September and we need new members to join the project.

Supporting a network of farmers and small producers, the programme aims to promote local products and healthy eating at a fraction of the cost by putting you in direct contact with producers. Our online platform enables direct trade between communities of customers and local food producers. So come on and sign on up! Call us on 0208 9642549 or log on to to become a member.