Public vote on priorities

The public vote on priorities

Maida Hill Forum is applying for funding to run pilot projects to improve the area.
Vote at the AGM which project we put on first:



 Pop-up Arts Hub

Greener Maida Hill

Youth Activities

  • Arts activities for older people and parents
  • ‘Pop-up’ shop
  • Community information hub
  • Community planting days
  • ‘Guerilla gardening’
  • Exploring greening, e.g. mini-parks in parking spaces
  • Coached sports for kids
  • Design workshops – how can we make the Harrow Road ward better for young people?

All projects depend on funding

AGM: WECH Community Centre @ 18:30 on 14th October

Maida Hill Neighbourhood Forum brings together residents and business communities to speak with a collective voice on issues and development in the Harrow Road ward.

We have applied for funding to two charitable foundations to run pilot projects in the ward that will engage local people in activities to improve local public spaces, as well as directly benefiting people. We will hear in September whether the first bid has been successful and whether we have got through to the second round for the other.

The three projects above have been selected from the feedback we have heard at previous MHNF public meetings, as well as where volunteers on our committee have skills. There will be opportunities in the project for us to work with local community organisations and skilled individuals (e.g. artists, gardeners) to help deliver the work.

We have committed in the bids to involve local people designing and delivering the projects. Hence we are starting with a vote to decide which project should go first if we get the money.

So we need you to come to the AGM and vote!

Please contact us with questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.