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We are a little worried..
We are a little worried.. Walterton and Elgin Action Group posters on the Walterton Estate, put up in protest at plans by Westminster City Council to sell the estate to private developers. Residents succeeded in preventing the sale and went on to take control of the estate from the council under the new 'Tenants' Choice' legislation.
Tower blocks before WECH
Tower blocks before WECH Jan 1992 The asbestos-ridden Hermes and Chantry Points, part of Elgin Estate, which Westminster Council used to house homeless families. The blocks were taken over by resident-controlled housing association WECH and have since been demolished.
WECH first house
WECH first house July 1993. Irene Blackman, Chair of WECH, cuts the ribbon on their first refurbished house.
Public meeting
Public meeting Nov 1980. 1980: Paul Boetang, a worker at Paddington Law Centre, addresses a meeting of Paddington Campaign against Racism at the 510 Centre, Harrow Road, called to organise a counter-demonstration to a local march planned by the neo-nazi British Movement. Paul Boetang was elected Labour MP for Brent South in 1987 and became the first black Cabinet member in 2002.
Mozart 7 demo
Mozart 7 demo August 1983. Residents of Mozart Estate, picket Marylebone Magistrates Court in protest at the arrest of 7 black women during an exercise involving 50 policemen with dogs.
WECH celebration
WECH celebration 1993: Street party organised by Walterton and Elgin Community Homes (WECH) to celebrate their first refurbished house. WECH took over the estate from Westminster Council.
Community action
Community action 14 May 1980 Local residents join staff on a day of action over the proposed closure of St Mary's Hospital, Harrow Road
Elgin Avenue
Elgin Avenue Graffiti marking the end of the Elgin Avenue squat 1975
Safer Saltram campaign
Safer Saltram campaign